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The Future of SkyMines

SkyMines - The Future 

Thank you everyone for welcoming me thus far under my ownership of SkyMines. It's been absolutely amazing to see what I have to work with on this amazing project. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone and am honoured to have the opportunity to continue the servers growth. 


It's not hard to see that recently the server's active player-count has dropped. We've noticed it, and I'm sure you have too. I think this is for a few reasons, mainly the lag & the lack of hype around skyblock, as well as skyblock simply being stale after playing it for years upon years. 

lag fixed btw! 


After various long conversations within the Management team and the wider staff team, we have explored our options to drastically increase the community-base/player-count on SkyMines, and I believe we're definitely now heading into the right direction.


So, what's happening in the future?


We've made the decision to implement new never before seen custom gamemodes such as Outbreak, Shipwreck and Custom Prison into the range of modes we provide on our network. NOW, before y'all go rushing to conclusions I strongly urge you to read this full announcement and the F.A.Q which will be posted directly after this post. The reason for these new gamemodes is simply to provide the community with something OTHER THAN SKYBLOCK, as most of us have played it for years and it's truly starting to get stale according to various people i've reached out to. We're all really excited to venture into these new modes and we hope you all are too.


Current time schedule for this change? As the current map is getting stale, we don't want to continue to beat a dead horse and honestly want to end the map on a high note with the huge list of bugs and issues to fix for the next season. This is why we closed the server as of 5/19/21. All the information you need in regards to items and ranks will be found in the FAQ below.

We will then post teasers for Outbreak and Shipwreck as soon as possible. A trailer for this will also be released at a later time. I understand the community is used to long waiting times in-between maps (MONTHS!?) however I can assure you that the downtime until next season will be 2 weeks tops to allow time for promotion.




NO! Skyblock is not going anywhere. We are simply adding Outbreak and Shipwreck to the network, which will be instantly followed by a new Skyblock Season. 



All ranks purchased on SkyMines in the last 6 months are global, and will be granted instantly when you join for the first time! (No need for the ticket reclaim, as we’ve now got everything in our database to give out instantly!). All ranks won in crates will not be given out again as they are Season exclusive ranks, and only last the duration of the season (that’s how they work, and have worked since before Outbreak and Shipwreck was introduced). All ranks won in an official giveaways (including Partner giveaways) will be given back instantly as these are global.



Normally, purchased “items” (eg. Harvesters, Sell Wands and Pets) wouldn’t be given back on a new season however due to the circumstances of the map ending early we WILL be giving these back next season. These will be given back automatically upon first join.



All purchased exclusive items will be returned in all seasons, these items are, Ranks, Access To /Fly and Drop Collectors.



We will be having an UNBAN ALL, and will give everyone a second chance to enjoy the new gamemodes coming to SkyMines. Warnings and previous offences will be carried over however and will still carry on when dishing out future punishments.


If you have any questions, or concerns PLEASE make a ticket and one of our management team will be happy to answer any questions or help with anything!


These will be the future gamemode of SkyMines!

Shipwreck(1.8-1.17) (Skyblock based Gamemode):


» Custom Quests

» Daily Rewards

» Tokens

» Dungeons

» Island Upgrades

» Custom Generator

» Limited Mines

» Hidden Treasure

» Island Top #1 - 50$ Paypal or $150 Store Voucher

» Island Top #2-5 - 25$-100$ - Store Vouchers

Outbreak(1.8) (8 Week Custom Gamemode):


» Week 1-6 is Gathering Money and Supplies (Mining)

» Week 7 Server turns into factions based and you Gather your Gang and build your bases

» Week 8 is Fight week, All claims go unclaimed and PvP is enabled with one lives per player.

» Last Gang Standing after Week 8 Wins 100$ Paypal or $150 Store Voucher

» Gang #2 Wins 75$ Store Voucher | Gang #3 Wins 50$ Store Voucher

» Play to Win

» Competitve Never before seen gamemode!

OP Prison(1.8-1.17):


» Custom Enchants

» Custom Mining & Fishing

» Custom Blocks

» Coinflips

» First to Prestige Master Gets $150 Store Voucher

OG Prison(1.7-1.8):


» Orignal Prison Experience

» No Custom Enchants

» Cell Blocks A-D

» Cells

10 months ago
Suggestions Format

Have a suggestion you'd like to see on the Server or the Forums? Well, we would love to hear all your good ideas, and if we believe that it will be beneficial for the server, then we may apply the suggestion. Please make sure that your suggestion has not been mentioned before. Try to fill your suggestion with as much detail as possible, doing so will help staff better understand your suggestion, and has a higher chance of getting accepted.


Suggestion Format





How may this improve (SkyMines)?: 

Anything else you would like to add?: 


Note: We may accept your suggestion, but end up not going through with the idea due to an error we may occur while trying to implant the addition.

10 months ago
Purchase Support Format

If you had purchased a rank, and or item and for some reason are having some issues receiving it, or had made a mistake this is where we can help you.


Please do not lie about something you had purchased and did not receive, we do full background checks through Buycraft, and PayPal and you will be permanently banned if what you write turns out to be false.

Donation Support Format


Minecraft Username: 

Rank/Items not received: 

Server package was bought for?:

Time of Purchase (Date+Time):

The issue with your purchase: 

Anything else that can help your issue: 

We are deeply sorry that there was an issue with your purchase. We will do our best to get your issue resolved asap. Just sit tight and your situation will be handled in no time.

10 months ago
Bugs & Issues Report Format

Have you found any Bugs or a Glitch? Ares would love to get them all patched up. These can range from just simple spelling and or grammar mistakes on anything to any sort of exploit where the Player(s) can exploit the glitch.

Bug Report Template



Date and Time found:


Any other information:

We here at SkyMines want to keep our server Lag-free and Bug-free, so all reports are appreciated.


SkyMines strives to make a fun, and entertaining server, finding these issues and patching them will keep our server on a reliable level.


10 months ago
**Staff Report Example**

Your IGN: TheLastTrumpet

Staff IGN: iOmega

Reason for report: Abuse of Staff Powers (Power)

Evidence to support this reason: (Link to video or screenshot of evidence)